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The term “nixie clocks” refers generally to clocks which use nixie tubes to display the time. NixieClock® uses exclusively tested NOS (new old stock) tubes from stocks of past decades. However, these tubes are new and unused.
The matching clock electronics components are at the highest technical level with intelligent circuits using 64MHz micro-controllers. For example, the heart of time keeping is an extremely accurate RTC quartz with automatic temperature compensation and an accuracy of <1 min / year! NixieClock® desktop clocks are exclusively hand made in Switzerland. Each clock is a unique piece of art. By the way: with this Nixie-Junior your can easily program different settings by hand. Come and check it out live in our shop in Valbella.

About the Manufacturer

The Swiss brand NixieClock® was created out of a passion. The owner and professed perfectionist initially ordered nixie clocks over the internet. Unsatisfied with their quality and technology, he started his own workshop and acquired all specialised intstruments for making clock housings and fitting electronics to his own taste. The first nixie clock really enchanted his friends and relatives. The brand NixieClock® was born.

Today, the abstract time keepers are still lovingly developed and assembled by hand in the Swiss town of Esslingen (ZH).


Price incl. 8% VAT and transport (all of Switzerland and Liechtenstein)


Handmade in Esslingen, Switzerland


L:195mm x B:50mm x H:85mm


Base: solid Aluminium


2 years


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