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We design, sketch, inspire and create according to your wishes how you would like to live in the future, whether indoors or out.


Vinval, i.e. the team Nina Barandun and Dan Murdoch, have years of in-depth knowledge and experience. Following her commercial training, Nina Barandun first worked in the construction industry as a business clerk, and in this capacity, was often working on projects on-site as well as in the office. Her subsequent training as an interior designer rounded off her expertise. As an interior designer she mainly specialised in textiles of all kinds. From then on, she planned and designed complete furnishing concepts for a wide range of objects and industry sectors. After completing his studies, Dan Murdoch learned everything about furniture and design from hands on experience. He worked for over ten years as a representative, brand ambassador and consultant for upmarket premium brands in his home market of Switzerland and at international trade fairs. He made a name for himself in the industry – until he became self-employed in 2015 together with his partner Nina Barandun with their firm Vinval.

“For us, it’s about an overall emotional experience. Spaces and worlds that tell stories after their transformation.”

With this expertise the two owners have cultivated a further business field: the creation of new living spaces and the creative planning, conceptualisation and implementation of complex spatial solutions – both indoors and out, whether a partial renovation or a completely new furnishing concept, private spaces or commercial objects such as hotels or restaurants. Both partners view their work as a holistic discipline in which design, architecture and lifestyle merge into one great whole. For them, it’s about an overall emotional experience, about story-telling.

Spaces and worlds that tell stories after their transformation and which gives imagination wings, inspires and creates desires. All this is in perfect harmony with the ideas and visions of Vinval.

Recently, Vinval was able to realise a wide range of projects with a handful of selected architects and skilled-craftsmen from the region, all of which are visualised on the following pages. Here, regional crafts and international brands resonate with each other. In addition, Vinval provides its clients with equally professional advice for unique events or pop-up stores.

Vinval’s intention is to offer you products and designs, drafts and silhouettes that we specifically align with a target group which does not identify its individuality through corresponding brands, but instead through uniqueness and incomparability. And so we have complemented our uncompromising standards yet again and introduced small, fine in-house products that we realise with our selected business partners and friends, manufacturers where the individual production steps are still carried out by hand. In this way, we can guarantee you the highest degree of quality and individuality. All designs consist of authentic materials direct from the respective regions, whether in far-off Spain or here in Switzerland. In close collaboration with our partners, we create the design, impression, look and feel. The results are solid, hand-crafted products available solely and exclusively through our online shop and in our Vinval showroom in Valbella. One-of-a-kind items in limited editions, manufactured honestly and under fair conditions. This is what our name stands for.

Nina Barandun & Dan Murdoch

Here, regional crafts and international brands resonate with each other.


Interior concepts in Canton of Graubünden


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